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Buttermere Storms


Storm Brian rushing through the Buttermere Valley at sunrise. The Lake District, UK.

Size 480mm × 322mm (incl. border)
Border 30mm
Paper Fuji Matt
Date Taken: 27th Oct 2017
Location View

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The Buttermere Valley is one of the Lake District’s gems. Tucked away in the North of the National Park, it’s a quieter tourist spot than the busy south, mainly due to few people willing to make the challenging drive through Honister Pass.

Those who do visit are welcomed by two waters, Crummock and Buttermere, which are flanked by a number of peaks, including Haystacks, High Crag, Grasmoor, Dale Head and Robinson. The fertile pastures in the valley floor are thought to have influenced its name, as they were perfect for raising cattle to produce Butter.

This photo is of the ‘Lone Tree’, perhaps one of the most iconic compositions to be found in the Lakes as it offers a picturesque scene with a tall, thin tree in Buttermere’s grassy shores and a backdrop of dramatic fells.

When I visited, I was welcomed by Storm Brian and gusts of 60mph wind; normally not ideal conditions for photography. However, large waves in the lake and clouds of spray from the water’s surface enabled me to capture a unique perspective. I was gifted more so by breaks in the cloud, allowing sunrise to paint colours in the sky.

Promise to Plant

Photos print to paper, and the paper needs packaging & delivering. There’s no way of getting around that, so in an effort to give back and help mitigate the environmental impact of the process of printing and delivering, for every order placed, a tree is planted through the World Land Trust, who help establish and protect habitats and areas of biodiversity.


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