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Benijo Beach


Sunset at Benijo beach, Tenerife.

Size 480mm × 375mm (incl. border)
Border 30mm
Paper Fuji Matte
Date Taken: June 16th, 2018
Location View

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Although famous for its night sky and night photography, Tenerife isn’t so known for its landscape. On my 2018 trip, I wanted to explore more of the island to see if I could capture something with the sun up, as well as time spent under the stars.

The north of Tenerife is a hidden gem. Once a more thriving tourist destination, the area was soon forgotten in favor of the sunnier, warmer south of the island. With the north side baring the full force of the island’s trade winds, the weather is more unpredictable here, with the higher altitudes spending a lot of time in the clouds.

Although unfortunate for those seeking sun, this weather is great for landscape photography. With volcanic rocky beaches and cliff faces, lush forests and dramatic skies; it’s a great area to visit for something different.

Benijo Beach is a beautiful stretch of sand tucked away in the northeast of the island and popular with surfers, locals, and the odd stray photographer.

It’s black sands and volcanic outcrops in the ocean feel more remminicent of Iceland or Hawaii; and make for a beautiful setting at sunset.

Promise to Plant

Photos print to paper, and the paper needs packaging & delivering. There’s no way of getting around that, so in an effort to give back and help mitigate the environmental impact of the process of printing and delivering, for every order placed, a tree is planted through the World Land Trust, who help establish and protect habitats and areas of biodiversity.


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